Xeon E5 2670 V3 12 cores CPU

Xeon E5 2670 V3 12 cores CPUFireFly Desktop ComputersXeon E5 2670 V3 12 cores CPU


Computer file storage using NAS servers

unraid nas server with seagate 18TB hard disk drive

Computer data storage

There are 3 types of permanent storage for data in computers. They are optical drives, solid state drives and hard disk drives (HDD). Optical drives use CD's and BlueRay disks to save data. Solid state drives are electronic devices with no moving parts hence they are silent. The data held in SSDs can last about 5 to 10 years. Hard Disk Drives on the other hand are magnetic devices where a read write head moves of disk tracks to record or read the data stored magnetically. They have very long storage life.

NAS file servers

NAS is Network Attached Storage. If you have lots of photos and videos to store then a NAS drive would be most suitable as they can store anywhere between 72TB to 108TB of data. We are using 6 to 8 Seagate 18TB hdd's to assemble NAS drives. The total disk capacity for 6 to 8 hdds is 108TB to 144TB. Even though our NAS servers can have 6 to 8 hard disks drives two will be used as parity drives when using Unraid. Hence the total hard disk data storage space for our NAS servers vary from 72TB (6 HDDs) to 108TB (8HDDs).

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Your TV screen is the best computer monitor

You can see the 40" TV screen behind the desktop PC in the picture on the left. Ensure that your TV screen has a HDMI connector. Today most TV screens have HDMI connectors. The other reason is that once you use a 40 inch TV screen, 1920x1080 resolution, as your computer monitor, you will never go back to those tiny eye straining 14 inch or 17 inch screens. A 1920x1080 42" TV screen with 2 HDMI connectors goes as low as RM1300. Smaller screens are around RM300 to RM800.


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